Summer ’17 - 1 Week At Karmafy

For the past week, I have had the immensely valuable opportunity to travel to Karmafy’s office in Malta, and experience the company firsthand through an internship. Taking on responsibilities including market research and the revision of business articles and marketing content, Karmafy’s team entrusted me with meaningful work to a degree which I have never received from my prior work experiences as an intern. I can only hope I fulfilled expectations despite distractions from the Maltese strands. Regardless, I am extremely grateful for their time in offering insight into the company’s actions, and willingness to engage my questions.

Within Karmafy’s team, passion and dedication to the company’s vision is unmatched by any of my previous work experiences. Every partner strives for innovation and opportunities for others with notable integrity. The team is full of authentic passion for both game development and charitable causes which translates to the Karmafy user, someone who values the ability to do good in many areas of their life. I believe Karmafy’s vision carries strong significance as an admirable and forward-thinking business.

Karmafy’s office is characterized by an incredibly fluid culture, thanks to the extensive collaboration taking place at all times. The versatility of all partners allowed for shared contribution to all aspects of the business, making Karmafy feel like a dynamic team in a way that was amazing to be part of.

Personally, it was incredibly rewarding to be welcomed into Karmafy. Although a brief experience, I know that Karmafy and its mission will remain important to me and I hope I was able to contribute some work of value. From my first welcoming morning to closing with an after-work diving trip, being part of this company was a truly exciting opportunity. As a high school student, this internship brought me a lot of guidance at an important time and for that I am very grateful. Many thanks to Michael, Lars, Dave, and Jonas for teaching me so much through this short week; I’m so excited to be taking part in the realization of Karmafy’s potential.


- Connor Frey