Karmafy FAQ


Question: What do I have to do to make a difference?

Simple! Just play a game with Karmafy and choose an organization to support. You can do that either in one of the pop-ups, or from the Karmafy Menu accessible from the main menu in the game. From then on, you're making a difference!


Question: How much does the game give to good causes?

All game studios that have Karmafy are committed to giving 10% of revenues (after store fees) generated by players of the game that choose to support a charity through Karmafy. So if all players select a charity in their game then 10% of all revenues will go to the good causes.


Question: What can I do to give more to my favorite charity?

In addition to playing more games with Karmafy, the best thing you can do for your favorite organization is to spread the word of your support. You can do this by encouraging your friends to play games with Karmafy and support your favorite charity. There are all sorts of ways to earn extra Karmafy Points, including sharing your achievements on social media. This will get more players to play and will result in even more donations to the charities.

It is also worth remembering that every ad you watch in the game means more Karmafy Points to you and more support to your charity.

Question: How much does each organization get?

Each organization get a part of the total donation pool relative to the amount of Karmafy Points collected by the players in support of the organization. For example, if an organization gets 10 000 Karmafy Points from players out of a total of 40 000 Karmafy Points, the organization will get 25% of the total donations. 

 Question: Do I have to pay or donate money?

No, you do not have to pay or donate money for the organization you support to benefit. Simply supporting a charity with your Karmafy Points contributes to a donation to your organization. 

Question: The game is free. How does it make money?

Karmafy games are often freemium games meaning they are free to play. The games will then show video ads which results in revenue for the developer. If the player watching the ad is supporting a charity then part of that revenue will be donated to the good causes. 

Players can also choose to make in-app purchases of power-ups and such in the game to advance in the game. If the player is supporting a charity, then part of the revenue will be donated to the good causes. 


Question: What is a Karmafy Point worth?

Each Karmafy Point given to a charity has a value for that charity. Karmafy calculates this value and will update you on the donations to the organizations on a regular basis. However, this changes over time depending on how much the game makes and how many Karmafy Points are earned by players, so Karmafy is not be able to inform you of the exact value of each Karmafy Point.

More details on how the value of Karmafy Points is calculated and how much the good cause receives.


Q: How do I know that the money you raise really makes a difference?

A: Firstly, Karmafy gives you the option of supporting top tier highly vetted organizations. This for example includes Apopo and Barefoot College who were rated as #16 and #17 top non-government oragnizations (NGO) in the world 2018 by NGO Advisor. Secondly, Karmafy will publish all donation receipts and the organizations acknowledgement of funds received.

 Question: What data do you store on me?

Karmafy takes data protection and your privacy very seriously. Please read more in our privacy policy.

Question: What if I don't choose a charity in a game?

Two things. One - less money overall goes to good causes, plus you don't get a say where it goes. Two - we'll all be very sad.


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