People of all ages enjoy doing good and making positive actions part of their social presence. With Karmafy, users can turn their activities in a product, game or service into support for a good cause. Expert engagement design combines each product with commercial and philanthropic goals to let users feel good about their actions. A simple overlay interface shows how actions turn into real and direct support – for FREE. This “freemium philanthropy” approach has been live with over 750,000 users tested across an e-commerce music and video portal - as well as several mobile games.

[*demonstrated in SDB2 during A/B testing]


The Karmafy platform delivers improved user retention and engagement for mobile apps, web-based productivity tools and e-commerce. Through carefully designed goals, motivational rewards and collaborative challenges, the Karmafy experience magnifies a client’s existing products and user base. Karmafy adds a multiplier effect for existing services that engages users – games will benefit from considerably boosted engagement, retention and improved social presence.


Companies and brands whose primary focus is online and mobile are facing steadily increasing user acquisition and retention costs; as well as challenges to how they maintain user loyalty with their services. Existing solutions such as paid user acquisition, ad-networks and cross-
promotion quickly become very expensive, especially on major social networks such as Facebook.


Karmafy is a B2B solution that allow companies to improve their “triple bottom line” through deeper engagement with users. Karmafy’s unique online platform builds upon years of experience in engagement design and philanthropy. Through a dynamic and metrics driven gamification system, Karmafy points are awarded accordingly to users as they engage and transact within a service. This fully scriptable and flexible platform assign points to users as they continuously meet engagement and behavioural objectives. Users can expend their accumulated points by selecting donations from a variety of vetted and high impact good causes. Accumulated points are automatically converted into a cash donation, enhancing customer goodwill, willingness to engage and increases the user’s perceived brand value, service appreciation while encouraging social sharing.


TWIST3D gem packs lets APOPO clear a foot of landmines


Slam Dunk wins lets Water.org provide 7 days of clean water


meters in Swim Dash lets KickStart provide one day vegetables


  • Gamification rules in a flexible execution environment (local and server side).
  • Dynamic in-app two-way messaging with individual users and groups.
  • Ability to alter platform and app behaviour without new code submission on iOS.
  • User identity management over multiple accounts and products.
  • Fully integrated with Unity and easily portable to a wide variety of other platforms.
  • Integrated purchase verification and revenue tracking.


We offer a simple threefold revenue share based out of engaged Karmafy users, split between the client, Karmafy and good causes. For users, it is free; we call this “freemium philanthropy”.