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When you play and interact with Karmafy-enabled games, you become part of a global community for doing good. Every game with Karmafy directs a portion of the Game Developer's revenue to good causes –causes that you select. The more you play and the more Karmafy points you collect, the more support goes to your favourite charity! It's that simple.


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You’ve seen the show, now live the life and support a good cause!

Become a glamorous celebrity and begin your exciting journey on the world’s most popular dance competition in Dancing With The Stars, The Official Game!

Combining popular match-3 gameplay with innovative features, 'Dancing With The Stars: The Official Game' will give you the dancing experience you’ve been waiting for.

Note: Dancing With The Stars is not available in the UK or India


Hustle for cash, level up, play in tournaments and become the Basketball Champion! Play with people from all over the world and become the world’s best basketball player!

• Play against people from all over the world
• Play 1 on 1 against other players
• Compete in 8 player tournaments
• Over 40 awesome balls to choose from
• Jaw-dropping graphics pushing the limits of the latest devices



Super Shooting Star
By Fibonacci Studios

Drift your way through the colorful skies of Super Shooting Star! Run the gauntlet of crazy weather, build awesome combos and test your skills on your journey to the final battle with the angry moon boss in this amazing sky adventure. 


By Chroma Studios

ARE YOU TWIST3D?? TWIST3D is an addictive puzzle game about making matches in 3D! 
MATCH: Tap to destroy matches of 3.
SPIN: Spin the 3D cube to look for matches.
SOLVE PUZZLES: Make matches to smash the glass and solve puzzles.


Swim Dash
by Rockville Games

Be the captain of your own destiny in this exciting journey through perilous waters while supporting on your journey. You’ll have to be agile and quick to tap your way clear of the stinging tentacles of Bernie the Jellyfish and the suffocating grasp of Scary Octy the Octopus.


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