Super Shooting Star Includes Karmafy

Mobile game Super Shooting Star embraces doing good by letting players choose and support good causes via Karmafy’s “Freemium Philanthropy”™  platform.


SLIEMA, MALTA — November 6, 2017 — Karmafy announces the immediate launch of Karmafy in the Android game Super Shooting Star by Fibonacci Studio .  This enables players to support their favourite good causes, for free, simply by playing the game. A unique system for gamers to leverage their time spent playing into having real-world positive impact.

Free and Freemium Philanthropy

Millions of hours are spent playing games. The Karmafy platform lets developers and publishers empower their users to, for free, help direct a portion of game revenue to causes the users themselves want to support.

“We believe people want to do good and have fun and through Karmafy we let players do exactly that.” said Jonas Eneroth, CEO, Karmafy “and if the players feel good about having fun this will increase bottom line for the game developer and help support high impact good causes. The players win, the developers win and good causes are directly supported.”

Partnered with more than 35 good causes, is able to work with philanthropic organizations and developers to help build awareness, direct support and provide deep customer engagement. The Karmafy Platform is an ideal solution for situations where a developers philanthropic objectives coincide with seeking improved retention and engagement.

Fibonacci Studio

Fibonacci Studio is an indie game development company using creative freedom to produce unique and high quality games.

About Karmafy

Started in 2015, and Karmafy are the trading names of Karma Holdings Ltd., a Maltese startup and creator of the Karmafy Platform. Supported by Malta Enterprise, Karmafy is a b2b technology and platform startup being built in the new and growing European tech hub of Malta.


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Supported Causes

Fibonacci Studio together with Karmafy - supports: