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Players Love the Game

Playing a game with Karmafy is both fun but also inspiring as the player gets tangible feedback on what good the player has done by supporting the good cause. Play & Do Good!

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Developers Make Money 

Even though the developer is giving away part of the revenue to good causes, the more engaged players who care about the game will result in a net positive effect on the developers bottom line.

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Good Causes Get Financing

The high-impact philanthropic organizations that the developer shares revenue with will have a direct positive impact in the communities where they are active and across the world.

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Contributed Karmafy Points


Charitable Impact


500 people safe clean water for a year


123 square meters of land cleared


12368 days of fruit and vegetables


507 days of lighting for a rural villager


458 days of school


1127 days of play for children

Health insurance-icon.png

24 people health insurance for a year

Games with Karmafy

Increase your revenues, decrease your acquisition cost, and build a community with purpose. 

We know that developers today are faced not only with the challenge of writing great games, but also acquiring, retaining, and monetising players in an ecosystem where costs are spiralling and differentiation is key. Karmafy drives acquisition and engagement by empowering your game players to come together to support great causes within your games, and to share their successes with friends and family.

Our engagement platform turns players into payers, increases virality, and builds a studio following by empowering the community to collaborate as a force for good, converting them to brand ambassadors and evangelists. By creating meaningful reasons for players to pay and share, you as a developer can grow your revenues and market share whilst controlling cost of acquisition.

Karmafy Play & Do Good



Use a Karmafy-enabled game, app, or website just as you would normally.


Find a cause close to your heart, and champion an organisation solving those issues and obstacles.


Overcome challenges to earn Karmafy Points and Achievements, resulting in real-world support for your organisation.



Share the good you've done with your friends and family and help spread the word that together, we make a difference.

We Call it 'Freemium Philanthropy'