Getting to Good: A Platform Approach

With all the pitfalls of building and maintaining live strategies for games, finding solutions to retaining, engaging and motivating players is vital. Several different strategies exist, from direct new user acquisition to a wealth of re-targeting methods. A gamified approach to these challenges is at the core of our approach here at Karmafy. Gamification joined with philanthropy is at the heart of our mission to bring a free-to-care engagement platform to developers and gamers. We aim to empower all to create real world impact while achieving better engagement. The Karmafy platform turns time spent playing games into real world impact for the causes you and your users care about for free. The more your users play, the bigger the help for the organizations you and they choose to support. We call it freemium philanthropy™.

Partnered with over 35 high impact causes, Karmafy works with philanthropic organizations to help build awareness, direct support and build deeper customer engagement. The Karmafy F2C platform is an ideal solution for when philanthropic objectives coincide with seeking improved retention and engagement. For example, working with and Rockville Games’ Swim Dash, each player can see the impact they are having in real-time. 

From Karmafy-enabling project management tools, CSR programs, to building brand love, free-to-care works in a wide variety of environments. Your players, users and even teams can help direct where you help the world become a better place. We welcome developers, causes and brands to work with us to fulfill our shared mission of turning fun into good.