Karmafy for Digital Games

Increase your revenues, decrease your acquisition cost, and build a following with purpose. 

We know that developers today are faced not only with the challenge of writing great games, but also acquiring, retaining, and monetising players in an ecosystem where costs are spiralling and differentiation is key. Karmafy drives acquisition and engagement by empowering your game players to come together to support great causes within your games, and to share their successes with friends and family.

Our engagement platform turns players into payers, increases virality, and builds a studio following by empowering the community to collaborate as a force for good, converting them to brand ambassadors and evangelists. By creating meaningful reasons for players to pay and share, you as a developer can grow your revenues and market share whilst controlling cost of acquisition.

Results from A/B test with and without Karmafy in Slam Dunk Basketball 2 and Dancing With The Stars showed the following:

“After extensive A/B testing of Karmafy in Dancing With The Stars I was amazed at the positive effect that doing good through Karmafy had on our player engagement.  I am delighted to be able to empower all our players to have a positive impact on the world, simple by playing our game.“
— Nick Harper, Head of Studio at Exient UK.


Back office for rules, content creation & analytics

Back office for rules, content creation & analytics

  • Karmafy points for real-time charitable feedback to player.

  • Javascript gamification rules in a flexible execution environment (local and server side).

  • Dynamic in-app two-way messaging with individual users and groups.

  • Ability to alter platform and app behaviour without new code submission to app stores.

  • Achievement system for Karmafy and game specific achievements.

  • Game developers get to highlight their preferred good causes; players make the final choice.

  • Integrated purchase verification and revenue tracking.

  • User identity management over multiple games and accounts.

  • Available as a Unity SDK and web-api and easily portable to a wide variety of other platforms.

Karmafy's flexible platform is also suitable for other business than games, such as enterprise, e-commerce and retail.

Karmafy in Your Game


Integrate our SDK or API into your game, app or website.


Build an engagement ruleset tailored to your game and audience. The experts at Karmafy will help you with your customized solution to make the best connection with your users. 


Take it live, and give your users the experience of doing good, increasing engagement, social activity and lifetime value.



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