Karmafy Product Documentation

Karmafy for Video Games


Below please find the latest Karmafy product documentation for video games. 

Title Description Version
Introduction to Karmafy A short introduction to Karmafy  
Karmafy Overview An overview of Karmafy for video games. It describes
  • Benefits of Karmafy
  • Introduction to Karmafy features
  • Overview of integration
  • FAQ
2017-06-08 v0.9
Karmafy Features & User Experience Walkthrough of the generic Karmafy user experience in a game 2017-06-08 v0.9
Karmafy Architecture and Integration
  • Architecture overview
    • Data structures
    • Events and rules
    • Data flow
  • Integration scenarios and instructions
  • Additional/optional issues
    • User identity
    • Facebook and friends
    • Attribution
    • IAPs
  • Integration checklist
2017-06-08 v0.9
Karmafy SDK for Unity Details of the Karmafy SDK for Unity and a walkthrough of the integration into a Unity app. 2017-06-08 v0.9
Karmafy Functionality Matix Lists features of Karmafy and what is coming in the near future 2017-06-08 v0.9