Take your business into the community, onto the internet, and back through your front door. 

With the ubiquity of e-commerce, m-commerce, and same-day delivery, traditional retailers are facing increasing difficulty to remain relevant in a hyper-connected society.

Karmafy for Business integrates with and extends leading POS systems, enabling retailers to build long-term engagement and increased foot traffic by empowering their customers to collaborate in supporting local charities and projects chosen by the community.

Coupled with the consumer-focused Karmafy App, the platform automatically tracks store visits and transactions, rewarding your customer for regular and repeated shopping habits, raises awareness of in-store promotions, and acts as a discovery channel for today’s conscious consumer through in-app, word-of-mouth, and social sharing recommendations.

Retailers are able to grow their connection with the community and collaborate with complementary businesses to increase both short-term revenues and lifetime customer value by supporting community initiatives.

I was reading all these reports that were down on retail brick and mortar, saying it’s all about online… I think brick and mortar is an amazing opportunity to use our stores and our store staff as a vehicle to truly engage with the community in a way no other retailers are doing.
— Jim Brett, President of West Elm