Build a community and unlock sponsorship through the power of doing good. 

eSports leagues face not only the challenges around organising and promoting their tournaments, but also building and retaining a community and roster that attracts high value advertising and sponsorship dollars.

Karmafy for eSports provides a turnkey solution for stakeholders in gaming leagues to layer charitable giving around their tournaments, and engage in new ways with fans of the sport.


Seamless integration of in-stream and second screen community engagement tools connected with gamified rewards tied to in-play prediction empowers the audience around a common purpose of doing good.  

Leagues are able to build community spirit and leverage the positive PR surrounding charitable gaming events to both extend their audience reach and unlock big brand advertising dollars on a level playing field with traditional sports promoters.

The brands who will win in eSports in 2016 are the ones who best demonstrate an ability to establish a constant dialogue through consistent engagement, and striving to surprise and delight the eSports fan through the experiences they create.
— Craig Keller, e-Sports Strategist at Digital Surgeons